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Optifine help


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Not sure what you are asking for.


OptiFine used to be in Tekkit Classic (and probably still is), but it is not part of Tekkit Main. You can add it yourself and it should work, but it is known to not play too well with Thermal Expansion (CoFHCore, to be precise - may be less of a problem in the old build still used in Tekkit).


It should also be noted that in a large modpack, OptiFine usually has negligible effect on performance. It does offer a lot of graphics settings that may improve your game in some aspects, but it may just as well break things.


And for the record, 30fps is actually not all that bad in modded Minecraft. Never forget that this is running on an abstract programming language that was designed to control fridges and toasters, among other things. Yes, I am exaggerating.

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While we are talking symptoms, OptiFine also causes an unholy amount of texture flickering here on Thermal Expansion machines. I suspect that the way TE handles its visual I/O overlay (the coloured squares/corners) interferes with rendering optimizations.

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