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Installing Mo' Creatures on Attack of The B Team Server?


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Hello! Was wondering if there is anyway for me to install Mo'Creatures on Attack of The B Team. 


It is possible to play on single player B-Team but I'm wondering how do I go about implementing it into my server?

Any Help will be appreciated!


Also I heard about IDConflicts but am unable to locate that file at all.



I've seen people play B-Team with Mo'Creatures.




Is one person who installed Mo'creatures on Attack of the B team for multiplayer.

But there are no tutorials. 

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Basically unless and every client the connects to that server has added in Mo'creatures it wont work. You're better off finding another pack or creating your own

This.  Also, you're no longer asking about AotBT if you install additional server-side mods to a pack.

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