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Hexxit Problems


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Recently Hexxit (and most other modpacks too) has started crashing. Normally after 1-30 minutes of play time. How exactly it crashes is different every time. Most of the time it simply just closes itself forcing me to reopen it. Other times it runs out of memory or stops responding. This wouldn't be a problem if it didn't happen so frequently. This makes it impossible for me to ever even attempt to live stream it. On top of that, it can't even launch now. Today I was playing and it crashed after about 5 minutes then when I attempted to relaunch it it just wouldn't work. It got to the part of launching where it says "FML is setting up your minecraft environment" and it said "Currently doing ..." and nothing else. The bar is empty, it is doing nothing. It just remains like that until I finally close this. I've tried waiting but nothing ever happens. It just stays like that. If anyone could please help me out so I can get back to playing hexxit with my friends, that would be great!

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