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[1.7.10] Bootyville [PVE-PVP] [30 Slot] Industrial Age, The Turning

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Mod-pack Information: 


Server IP:

Server Sub-domain: Bootay.mcpro.co



The server is a whitelist but it is relatively easy to get into the server. All we require from you is your Minecraft username and the reason you want to be on the server, which can be anything. We will respond as soon as possible to every request within 12 hours. You can post a comment on this post, PM me or email us, here [email protected].

Positions are limited (30 slots).


24/7 Up-time

*If there is a problem please send an email*



This is a freebuild server with almost anything allowed. We are hoping for very creative people and those with a good understanding of Minecraft inner mechanics (Designers, coders etc), however we are happy to see any new people in our community.

The server is a very small community of approximately 10 people. This a private server and we have such a small community so that there is never any lag or random disconnection.

**We evaluate and upgrade the server each month depending on the number of players**



The modpack is relatively easy to use and we have placed no restrictions on anything you build or create.

However PVP is restricted to pre-determined agreements, i.e. having permission and agreement to PVP with players.

We expect and hope you have common decency and common sense, such as not using nukes around major areas.

***Do to the fact that we have no set rules, players will receive a warning to reconsider their actions, before any action is taken***


Server Staff

Cange101 (Owner)

Bootaylawd (Co-Owner, Project Leader)

***We have more admins and moderators but they work on another server and we are looking to expand our team on this server which is our latest project***

Email this account for help or if there are any problems with server [email protected]

This account is checked regularly and you can expect a response ASAP. It will always be less than 12 hours. 

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Hey, I would be interested in trying this server out. 


IGN: Icerex


Reason for wanting to join: I'm looking for a good, small and tight-knit modded minecraft community. I have gotten out of playing Minecraft, and I kinda want to get back into it, preferably on a well-run server. I will not be able to play much, if at all on the weekdays, as I have collage full time and a job. Weekends will be the time that I will be able to jump on the server. 

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Hey There!

I would be very intrested in joining your server community.


Username- Paradox287


Reasons for wanting to join your server:

Well I have many reasons for wanting to join your server but the main reason for me is that im looking for a server that allows it's user the full experience of the modpack while at the same time keeping the server safe from influences such as griefing with nukes. Another reason is that im looking for a community that is fun and friendly to play with I admit I am not perfect at every aspect in minecraft. This is why I want a server where if I need help I can ask for it and I could possibly give help in return. My final reason for wanting to join is that I want a long lasting server that doesn't get so full of people that you can't move due to lag or a server that is too oblivious that they let people walk around with destructive devices such as nukes at say spawn. You seem like my ideal server to join is what im saying.


Important info:

Due to college I can't be on all day every day. But i'm free all day on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The other days I may still play but I would be on far later than normal.


Thanks for reading my application :kiddo:

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