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Noob friendly and relatively short video tutorial to making a factory in tekkit!

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Haihai. Tofu here, new to the forums and all that jazz.

I made an HD video of me and a friend's setup in our private SMP server where we constructed this ugly-looking (but i assure you, completely functional!) solar panel factory.


Thats the link to the video. It doesnt delve into what the IC2 machines make, that would derail it and make the video unnecessarily longer.

It explains and teaches about how to use solar energy and a quarry, pipes and automated crafting tables with engines to get rid of all those annoying "man i need to manually make X re-batteries, now i need to fetch Y to make Z electronic circuits" that really gets in the way while playing the science side of tekkit.

You have my full permission to embed the video or link to it in any minecraft related internets, wiki, tutorial compilations, and such. As long as you dont steal the video or pretend to have made it i dont mind if you use its entirety or parts of it without being in the credits (who reads credits anyways these days. jk jk!)

I hope some of you find this helpful. Right now its the only minecraft related video in my channel, but feel free to sub for more and leave helpful comments, requests and feedback!

If i get enough people interested in me making the factory smaller and more automated, or interesting sugestions we might make a V2. (you know, explaining logistics pipes and teleportation pipes and other cool stuff)

But alas, my friend won't be here for another week and it takes me forever to render and upload relatively short videos so that is still not in the cards. All i can do is promise you to read and think on sugestions.

I hope you are having a splendid day and continue to do so, best regards, love and cookies,

the ToFu

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care to tell me why you think it is bad?

Your accent is the biggest problem. It makes it quite hard to understand what you are saying. There were also a few moments where you started mumbling.

Also a little bit more "pizzaz" wouldn't hurt either.

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Accent semed fine to me, and pizzaz is just like, showmanship. He's suggesting you make it more stylish.

But I liked it:

You have an interesting voice -too many people making videos have these boring drones that I can hardly listen to :P

You explained everything pretty well - Lots of tutorials and the like seem to gloss over stuff, you pretty much fully explained in detail what each part did.

You didn't edit it to make yourself look amazing - I like a bit of failure in my videos, falling into quarry holes and spending 5 minutes trying to figure out which auto-craft table has the item you're looking for in it sums up the Technic experience quite well :P

Huge and inefficient contraptions are neat - Building a dense little machine to do stuff is cool, but having a 12 chunk wide monstrosity is much more impressive looking.

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Alright I guess, your audio quality needs to be better as at points I cant understand you as well. As Merchant said, your accent is unique and is not a boring drone.

The actual design could be improved, eg, you have a long stream of copper wire. It can be refined and made my efficient. But it does look cool.

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The audio is hard to listen to. This is not so much your accent or voice as it is your Mic. I'd suggest getting yourself a better Microphone is you plan to continue to do these kinds of videos. Your voice actually reminds me of the guy from the movie Office Space, which is awesome btw.

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