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Hexx: Reloaded


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Hey all, so for the past few months I have been working on stabalising a modpack known as hexx: Reloaded.

The aim of the pack was to give the feel of hexxit but expand on it. While some players have not liked the changes (Battletowers and Dim Doors removed). Others have praised it, mainly for the fact that other mods take place of those missing to give the modpack an expanded feel to it.

The target was to create a version of hexxit set in the future where the creatures had taken over and humanity had to leave to regroup and think of a new plan.

I heard that Hexxit 1.7.10 has had its starting issues, and I think this is a great pack that could replace that lost excitement and thrill that came with hexxit.

For those of you interested in playing just search for Hexx: Reloaded, would be great to see you all there.

For the hexxit owners, I would love to take on the challenge of hexxit and merge hexx into it, its a shame seeing the pack stagnate for so long 


Hexx: Reloaded backstory:

In the year 1066 humans declared war on the creatures of minecraftia but it did not go as expected, the creatures of the dark fought back and corrupted humans were turned into creatures of the abyss and darkness. 
With what was left of Humanity a mystical cult sent the remaining humans to the nether, a dimension of suffering and fire. While the creatures of minecraftia roamed free creating new empires and summoning new guardians of the elements.

10 years after the hexxit wars, 2 brave heroes had enough of all the anger and pain humanity had suffered. 
After researching weird markings inside a nether fortress the 2 heroes created thaumaturgy, the study of magic and interdimensional travel. 
With the knowledge they had discovered they had opened a portal to the outerlands, where an ancient race of aliens with advanced technology and magical powers dwelled. They showed humanity the power of madness and the darkest secrets of thaumaturgy as well as showed humanity wonderful machines with the power of putting 10 million cobble in to a single case, humanity dubbed this the ME project. 
With the knowledge humanity had obtained they imbued their weapons with the power of fireballs and lightning and thier armor with resistance and haste. 
Humanity was finally ready to take back the world, or die trying. 
With the new weapons and an army behind you, your new job is to take back minecraftia from the creatures of the abyss and dominate the elderitch that once helped you. 
It's up to you to help humanity regain it's place as the dominate species or to get sent back into the void. You decide what happens next in the story. This is the Hexx Reloaded wars.

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