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[1.7.10]WA Official[Open][PvP/Clans][100 slots][Wizard Academy]

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Download it here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/wizard-academy.509607

IP is in the pack but here it is anyways:

Link to the forums: http://jacgaming.com/index.php?/forum/385-wizard-academy/


[1] Be respectful
[2] Don't disrespect staff
[3] No racial slurs
[4] Don't impersonate staff
[5] Don't harass other players
[6] No spamming or caps
[7] English only in chat
[8] No abusing, exploiting glitches
[9] No hacking or hacked clients
[10] Don't ask for ranks or op
[11] Don't ask for Skype information in public chat
[12] If you have a problem with staff or the server/modpack, talk to the Manager
[13] Griefing, Raiding, and PvP is allowed
[14] HAVE FUN!
[15] No advertising in chat
[16] No character spamming aka no c-spam



  • Wizard Academy is a modpack all about magic, that means no machines, guns, or warfare; only magic! 
  • The official server for WA allows people to play with their friends and go on magical adventures throughout Thaumcraft, the Twilight dimension, and fighting other wizards in clans! We would use factions but it doesn't work well with 1.7.10 Cauldron servers. The server is up all day every day except if it crashes and no one is on to fix it, but other than that, it should be up all the time so endless playtime with other wizards! We accept everyone on the server as long as you follow the rules and aren't a troll, because no one likes trolls or rule breakers, they aren't fun to play with. It is a public server so everyone can join with no applications! 


Lucky Blocks

Ars Magica 2


Blood Magic



Food Plus

Inventory Tweaks

Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod



Tinker's Construct


Thaumic Tinkerer

Twilight Forest

Backpack Mod

Diamond Chests

Infernal Mobs











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