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You're feeding it high or medium voltage, throw some transformers before it and only feed it low voltage

That's what I did afterward.

HV cable -> MV transformer -> LV transformer -> batbox

That caps it to 32 EU/t. Is there any way to cap it further? I can't fathom to have 32 EU/t to a flippin wooden pipe... Specially since I have several pipes needing more than 4 redstone engines.

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yes, use a red power filter and remove items at the rate of 5 stacks per second.

alternalty put a timer next to the batbox and an inverter to decrease the system duty cycle

Only problem with filters is I can't hook tubes to distribution pipes or diamond pipes, and I'm kinda lazy to replace my entire setup with sorters and put blutricity cables all in between it... But the batbox with timer sounds like something I could do. Thanks bro. :P

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