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Towns and its Ilk


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So I recently got into Towns a whole lot, mostly because someone said it was like dwarf fortress for kids who need graphics. To be honest I was a lot more successful with it than I was with DF. Probably cause it has graphics to be sure. I recommend it to everyone, however thats not why I was posting.

I am posting because I was wondering if anyone knew any games similar in concept, kingdom building sims with the level of freedom and complexity as DF, Towns. I'd prefer a free game, but I'd pay for a good one.

Anyone got anything off the top of their head?

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I've got one, but it's not out yet :P

Castle Story is looking good, and I'm getting it as soon as possible. It's about little guys building their castle on floating islands, and the liberty aspect seems fairly well developed. We don't know much about it for now though.

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