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[3.1.2]JJCraft Tekkit Server[24/7][Econ][Dedicated][Residence][MobArena]

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•In Game Name: Tahki

•Location: Pennsylvania, US

•Age (18+ Only Please): 22

•Have you read and understood everything in this post? Yes

•Experience with minecraft/tekkit?: I’ve been playing minecraft for way too long now and have started playing around in Tekkit for a few months. I figured that now that I have the tekkit basics under my belt, I could join other people without bothering them with newbie questions.

•Abit more about yourself as a person: I’m a girl with way too much time on her hands and can’t go back to normal minecraft now because of tekkit. Curse you, tekkit! I’ve belonged to several servers over the years and really enjoyed ones that were smaller with older members. This seems like the perfect fit. I’m an artist/poor college student that has an odd sense of humor. And that’s about all I can say!

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Requested a while ago but never got whitelisted... may have just missed it by a few days but I'll try again...

•In Game Name



Near Philadelphia Pa., USA

•Age (18+ Only Please)


•Have you read and understood everything in this post?


•Experience with minecraft/tekkit?

I am pretty well experienced in minecraft and I'd call myself fair in Tekkit

•Abit more about yourself as a person

Married with kids, work full time (plus on-call) for a biopharm companyi n the calibration and instrumentation department (since most people don't know what Metrology is). Ex-military.

I have a decent sense of humor and I am often helpful to people who need it,I won't say 100% of the time since I do like to get my stuff done as well.

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Have You Read and understood everything in this post? Yes i have

Experience with tekkit/minecraft:2 Years

Abit more about yourself as a person:Finished School last year now i am a construction engineer

with a wife and 2 kids.

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Name: weallwerenoobs83

Age: 18 (going on 19 :3)

Location: USA MD

Have you read and understand everything in this post?: Yes

Exp with tekkit/minecraft: I've had 1 1/2 years with mc and tekkit building large stuctures with friends on non-grief servers

A bit more about yourself: still in school and looking for a job doing something that I love (computers, gaming, game development, etc.)( also art :3)

I'm pretty good at redstone mechanics i can make most everything from piston doors to sand generators

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Right This is a message to let you guys know server is on longer or ever will be excepting new players. This is due to 2 new players totally griefing the hell out of the spawn and an area belonging to 2 of my VIPs.

Sorry to those good gamers out there. I Try doing something nice by paying for a server and inviting people in who want a mature server and you get a couple of idiots lie about their age just to mess things up for other players.

Good luck with finding a server guys, Sorry.

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•In Game Name; CoolioEpic

•Location; Vancouver BC Canada

•Age (18+ Only Please); 17 years old but will be 18 after January 16th

•Have you read and understood everything in this post?; YES and I do understand the post

•Experience with minecraft/tekkit?; I have a lot of experience with minecraft/tekkit.

•Abit more about yourself as a person; I am a nice young adult that has a small disability in real life but is definently involved alot in computer tech and media. I also am an expert at doing things creative since I do my media work by a phrase that I learned off of my own mind which is "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of everyday. Never deny if the world seems to be putting you down, always remember that everyday is different." I work hard onto making new friends and not caring how old or how young people are, just being a person like that is just plain shallow. Enjoy.

Hasnt been any griefing at all since server was started (May 2012)

I am a truth teller so my age is truth be told is 17years. If you need proof, look at my youtube channel for proof which is http://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisBurtonCanada

just copy and paste it.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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