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Minecraft Forge Required


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I made a Tekkit LAN server to play with my friends but when I try to log on it says "This server requires you to have Minecraft Forge installed". I am really new to Tekkit, but not Minecraft. I am VERY experienced with Minecraft and Vanilla Minecraft servers, as well as Technic 6 SSP.

How do I get it so that I (and my friends) can play?

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I have the same problem. All I know is that you need Java version 7u5 (JRE). But I did that and it didn't work.

What does the "clear cache" button do exactly anyway? I clicked it when I was trying to fix the problem that my TooManyItems wasn't opening.

But what was the result? THIS was the result! I was so upset and I regretted doing that. I posted the problem but no one answered yet. :(

My suggestion to you is to download Java 7u5 JRE if you don't have it or re-download if you have it. But NEVER touch that "clear cache button!

PS guys can you help me too?

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