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Dead Server


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I agree with that guy, we NEED factions... and a sethome... and a spawn with rules (I can sacrifice some time to help you build it if you want, I have expirience with building spawns/spawntowns)

We don't need factions, we have a way to set homes and we don't need the rules in spawn because the only way to find this server is this forum and the rules are clearly posted right below the IP.

I might start looking for some people to act as janitors to help clean up protected blocks for people.

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is the server down i cant connect and ive tried everything i can think of

did the server just crash? got disconnected, and don't have any connection to the server

Server down? Today I have no life so I depend on this server :l

Figured out what was causing that, A cable in the server went bad and was causing the server to lose internet and lag. Should be fixed now.

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