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Dead Server


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IOn could you remove the explosion area damage from engines? people are using them to grief

I can't there isn't an option to disable that.

it's not your pc

it's a good server but yeah, stability of the connexion isn't it's big asset

The server keeps crashing apparently because of a bug with ender chests. I do not know how to fix it or what exactly causes it. Looks like a problem with tekkit itself.

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well, i do use enderchest to link my overworld rm factory to my End base and some other guys bases too, so they can get some free rm

but the chest is never overfilled, it's way too slow for that, and people keep taking the rm from it

anyway, that's true enderchests arent considered like other chests, everyone can access your enderchest, impossible to lwc

if it can be related to the bug crashing the server, right before it crash, i did make a new copy of my enderchest, destroyed it to get in my inventory, teleported from End to Overworld in someone house to place it down, it crashed when i was about to give the chest to him

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