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Dead Server


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also fries3 has uu matter or irduim pumping into it

yes its a reasonable solution becouse it doesn't lag, but if thats what crashes the server we might want to look for alternatives.

Also is the server down or is it becouse i'm in Europe and the server is in US?

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Hello. So, I just logged into the server, looking for my first technic public server, and this one looked promising. Unfortunately, I think you guys were MASSIVELY griefed.

not really massively griefed the map has been going for a few months now so its got a lot of wear near spawn also for some reason a lot of the people near spawn destroyed their own homes and quit, others were actually griefed a bit but the players who owned the houses never come on anymore so they never get repaired.

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Hi there. If you are considering whitelisting might I ask to join? I'm very easy going I don't grief or steal or rage. I'll

control my language if that is requested. I also get on tekkit most every day unless I work so I would be an active member :)

um...I don't really know how this works this is my first server besides a friends but I didn't have to try out for that one. So I guess

I'll leave some info.

username: ArtYamazaru

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Why: Because you guys seem nice and I wouldn't mind trying it out :) I'm still learning with tekkit though but I will get better.

I don't ever use EE it just makes it boring i prefer survival nonPvP's.

Please consider me n_n thanks for your time.

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The world is going to be reset.

The following Items will be made VIP only:

RM Furnace

Mercurial Eye

Red Morning Star

Volcanite Amulet

Evertide Amulet

Gem Armor

Ring of Arcana

Ring of Ignition

Mining Laser

World Anchor

Dimensional Anchor

Teleport Tether

The banned items list will be updated to include:

Destruction Catalyst

Hyperkinetic Lens

Catalytic Lens

Nova Catalyst

Nova Cataclysm



Industrial TNT


Sticky Dynamite


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