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Mouse moving down


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For the most part I am good with the game but my view keep moving strait down. I can move my mouse to look up but if I take a step it moves the view strait down once more. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried setting all settings to minimum and I have deleted and re-downloaded the pack... someone help please

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Making two accounts & posting in the same thread isn't going to result in faster answer. It's highly unlikely that your "mouse problem" is caused by the game itself. Test it in windows & other games, and also if you have any mouse software running, try disabling it / restarting and see if helps. Do some basic troubleshooting before asking for an answer.

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I am having the same issue only in technic launcher modpacks.

I play regular vanilla mincraft in  its separate launcher with no problems

my mouse when in technic modpacks aims down towards the ground after any kind of movement upwards.

I have checked the mouses and the touchpad is dissabled on my HP laptop


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