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[Error] Modpack


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Hey there,

Yesterday I started to make my own modpack for me and some friends and a YouTube project.

I can start and play the modpack in singleplayer with no problems, but when my friend is trying to play it, it won't load for him. His minecraft is closing and hes getting back to the launcher.

Mods: StatusEffectHUD, AnimationAPI, Baubles, BetterFps, ArsMagica, BloodMagic, Botania, CodeChickenCore, CoFHCore, extrautilities, fastcraft, jabba, Mantle, NEI, Optifine, TConsturct, Thaumcraft and witchery.


The Error hes getting can be found here.


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If this is the wrong section, just move it please.


you are not the first person to try assembling a modpack, nor will you be the last.

Find the correct section, it's not that hard. I'll move this for you if you can link the right one

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