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OMG PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME... Today my technic wasn't launching tekkit... so i reinstalled tekkit.... and i DIDN'T BACK UP ANYTHING!!!! and i forgot about my saves on there..... There is a huge project ive been working on for months for a server and its just completely gone D:... please someone help me get the save back! Ive downloaded Data Rescue 4 but i cant get the save back D: . I am using a Mac but if you only know windows i can try to do it on Mac... please help as soon as possible i really really need this save back... im about to go mental and flip my desk XD.

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I would check your trash bin, "normally" when you delete something it goes there, then just restore the save folder. if not, I'd try a data recovery software meant to get data off a hard drive after it has been deleted. No clue about any mac programs for that.

Yea when the technic launcher deleted it... it didnt put it in my bin..... i would of done it already if it was in the bin.

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Yeah, then I would look for a data recovery software for mac, that restores deleted files/folders. Maybe something to do in the future is the make a symlink from your saves folder to minecraft. eg, You make a world in tekkit, then minecraft saves in the normal saves folder, but actually it's saving to dropbox. Please note I have never tried to see if this is a viable solution.

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