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Hello my name is Jacob and I have been running a tekkit server for about 2 weeks now it is just for me and 2 of my friends. I often turn it on and off and has been working fine until now. I have restarted the server and launched it again. The problem is that I can not connect with localhost or and my two friends cant connect to the server either. The messages Can`t Reach Server comes up. (My two friends are using my external ip to connect)


restarting the server

redownloading server files

restarting my computer

make sure port forwarding is good


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Have you maybe switched from wired to wireless connection? That might be a problem -> results in different IPv4 address. (and you shouldn't use as your server address, rather your IPv4 one -> "Start" + type "CMD" + press "Enter" + type "ipconfig" + press "Enter" and check your PC address) And your friends can use the external one to connect (you can check it here http://www.ipchicken.com .. that is, if it's static).. and if you have dynamic IP address, you might wanna sign up at http://www.noip.com and use their free DDNS service.

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