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Server and Players Needed For Youtube


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I am looking to start a yogscast like youtube team and i need members. I am part of a community called UNITY, and this is what our team will be called. I am gonna start the channel of with tekkit lite. You are not required to record but if you do, you MUST use Sphax PureBDCraft 64x64. I need a server to do this on as well. We will discuss the direction of the series on a group skype chat. Your application will be given on skype as well.


All I need for now is:








Experience with Technic/Tekkit:



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I'm willing to join you. Is it okay to plug my channel onto this one? I'm not very popular.

IGN: TCTheBuilder


Age: 12 (I am mature, maturity is not an issue)


Skype: thylan.greene


Experience with Technic/Tekkit: Not new, however not fully experienced (so i know a few crafting recipes here and there as well as where to get some ores)


Timezone: EDT

I look forward to playing with you!

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Eyy, I can halp you.



Age:13, I am mature.


Skype:I will tell you later, I dont want people to just start msging me randomly... Ah wth il just tell you: Dante Bell| IAmOneQuest, or search [email protected] (Cheesy email warning.)


Experience with Technic/Tekkit:Very great, but only a few mods (like mystcraft) i need some polishing on.


Timezone:EST, So i live in ontario.

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