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[Plugin Request] Place any block, protect the area around that block.

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I'd like to use this thread to show support for the idea. Please reply to the thread if this is something you would use on your server as well. With enough response, we might be able to generate enough interest from the experienced development community to make a decent functional implementation of this idea into a reality.

The plugin should allow the following:

Place any block, and the area AROUND it INCLUDING the block would only be editable by the user placing the block, or by people on his friends list.

Prevent any form of building in an area which is overlapping the area of a user who is not your collaborator.

The area size could be set to one block only, or to a large surrounding area (global setting by the admin, not per zone or anything like that.)

Doesn't need permissions.

Should be compatible with Tekkit.

The Admins should have just a couple basic config options that set the following things:

Globally change the size of the area which will be protected around all placed blocks.

Set a global protection 'decay' length.

Decay works like this: If a user doesn't log into the server for a specified amount of time, or doesn't interact in any way with a protected area for a certain amount of time, the protection fades.

Decay should be a multiplier applied to the zone size. For very small zones the decay comes much more quickly and for large zones the decay might come much more slowly. This way people wont be able to spam blocks about just to prevent the area from being usable.

Overall from my view this needs only 2 commands for users:

add friend / collaborator from users list

remove friend / collaborator from users list

If there's already a plugin out there that can get me close to what i'm looking for that would be really great and I'm open to hear about this solution. Otherwise i'm very interested to hear any comments or questions anyone might have about this idea.

I've posted a similar thread on the Bukkit plugin request forums as well:


However the Bukkit admins frequently turn away support requests from people who are specifically asking for Tekkit support and redirect them to this forum. I'm not sure if the admins here will do the same and redirect the request to the Bukkit forums, but the duplicate posting is an attempt to ensure that someone will actually host the thread and give it a place to call home. If they both survive, all the better.

In any case, Tekkit support for the plugin is just a part of the request and ideally the plugin would be useful on any Bukkit server whether it runs Tekkit or not.

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I was led to believe elsewhere that PreciousStones isn't compatible with Tekkit.

Even if it is. It would be such a monumental task getting it to perform the way I want it to that a new plugin may as well be written for it so others don't have to hassle through it as well.

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Tekkit is bukkit. The only way a plugin would be incompatible is if you're grabbing the wrong version for the bukkit release tekkit uses as a base.

If they're telling you to come here, just don't mention tekkit. There is no difference between tekkit and a bukkit server hand made with forge and ported mods (really, no difference at all, that is exactly what the technic team does...).

Anyway, if you're going to ask someone to write you a plugin, go put it in the modder's metropolis requests section.

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I'm fairly sure you could just do "/ps allow Buildcraft" to let quarries and such work in your territory.
That doesn't work. I don't know alot about plugins but I don't think buildcraft is considered a player and /ps allow <playername> is for players.
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