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Waypoints on the Moon yet?


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In short:
- Open /mods/[1.6.4]ReiMinimap_v3.4_01.zip (make a backup first, just to be on the safe side)
- extract the \reifnsk\minimap\ReiMinimap.class file
- open it with whatever text editor you fancy (just don't use Windows Notepad, it messes up the formatting - use Wordpad instead, or a better editor like Notepad++)
- find the string "\.DIM(-?[0-9])\.points" (without quotation marks)
- replace it with "\.DIM((-?\d+))\.points" (again, without quotation marks)
- save the file and put it back into the archive, overwriting the old one

I did the same thing back when I was still playing Tekkit and couldn't get my waypoints to save in Mystcraft dimensions with ID > 9. The fix worked perfectly.

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