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resource packs/shaders


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Hi, playing the 1.7.10 pack with a mate atm, not been on for a while, Fancy adding a resource pack or shaders to improve the graphics.

There's only 2 resource packs that I know of, one is sphax, the other being unity, tried them both, unity, didnt really notice anything different, sphax I cant say I'm a fan.

Are there any other resource packs out there that work with that modpack.  Or how does one get shader packs to work and are there any that work with that modpack ?



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Did you install the Resource Packs currect? Remember that you also need to add the vanilla patch to them.


Ahh yeah, I did, main reason I didn't like sphax is I have built a base underwater out of glass  since we can morph, and the sphax water texture means you cant really see out of the base. 


Since found one called John smith legacy, which I am really liking now.



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