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So I got to experiment with a tablet


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Great as always :D. Can't tell what the weapon is though, looks like a dagger expulsing whatever energy it is infused with, or possibly some kind of energy blade? As for the whole thing, are you going for a magitek approach with your equipment?

Btw, are there more to be seen if your current profile pic or is it a headshot? (or whatever head-only paintings are called in english)

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The guy in my avatar and the one in the picture aren't exactly the same character (but obviously are the same race). For the weapon, it's a pretty much a sword that has so much magic energy flowing through it that the blade has shattered (but is still suspended within the field of magic itself). The sketch at the top of this page could be seen as a full-body image of my avatar guy (who is pretty much just the drawn version of my MC skin) in a suit of MMMPS armor/tool.

And yeah, magitek is pretty much how things go for me. I've always liked the concept.

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Figured I might as well bump this thread rather than create a new one. Made some more stuffs with a borrowed graphics tablet.


Equivalent Exchange vs Industrial Craft.

(If anyone is wondering, the weapon the EE guy is using is the Red Katar, or at least my interpretation of it.)

Coolest Picture I've Seen, This Is My Favorite.

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