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So I got to experiment with a tablet


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The wolfram = tungsten thing is correct (the armor is supposed to be tungsten-plated), but the second reason was because the skull-mask is supposed to be a combination of the skulls of a wolf and a ram.

As for any inspiration, it was just an idea I had. The only inspiration I can think of off the top of my head is Sword Art Online (an anime), which was recommended to me a few days ago, though I don't recall anyone wielding a halberd in it (as the name implies, they pretty much entirely use swords).

I thought about the "ram" thing, but I didn't see the wolf right away. It was obviously much more likely that you worked in a random science enterprise, since every eminent member of this forum is a nobel prize, but for me. :(

And, could it be... Someone else watching SAO? It's always fun to see someone sharing your series. I understand why one would recommend it to another, it IS really good.

Wasn't Wolfram that math guy? The drawing looks great Vakon. The armor kind of reminds me of something from WoW (I haven't played in about a year so it is probably old)

That too, and some chemist as well. It's apparently a pretty common germanic name.

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My question is, were the hell does he find all these gamer girls?

Honestly... And seriously, in the first half of the series, they're supposed to have their real appearance! Wut. This series is extremely unrepresentative of the gaming community.

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Pretty cool, I love his hands. He has the feeling of a powerful archangel-ish wizard-ish dude or so.

Did you notice the fact that he turns into a skeleton/Zombie/Necromancer? BTW Valkon, another awesome drawing! Have you ever considered doing T-shirts or posters?

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I've also decided to take requests/suggestions/whatever for the time being (aka until I actually start getting ideas again).

Do you do animes too? If so, my suggestion is Yuno from Mirai Nikki. if not, my suggestion is a starcraft 2 zealot. (Not an anime)

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