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Saving Personal Schematics Off Of A Server

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I'm a bit new to Tekkit, but have done my research on this question..

I don't feel comfortable building large/complex things without being able to save what I have built to a schematic. I have made a habit of using WorldDownloader to save my online worlds just for the sole purpose of then grabbing the plans of what I have built.

I've been unable, so far, to find a solution.

My Question

How can I grab schematics from a Tekkit server?

Things I Have Tried

I've found a fork of World Downloader that is made for use with Forge, but have tried using them with Modloader and by altering the Minecraft.jar, with only crashes happening. I don't understand enough about how Technic Pack/Tekkit are modded.

World Downloader (forge compatible) mod: https://github.com/balr0g/WorldDownloader/downloads

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Have you tried looking into buildcraft's builder block? I hear it runs on schematics.. not sure what that means, though. If you look in your server folder -> Buildcraft you'll see a schematics folder.. perhaps you can export to there?

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You can save schematics with MCEdit and it seems ok with mod blocks. I've moved a few stractures for someone when we changed servers that had mostly EE and redpower stuff in them and it worked fine. I couldn't swear it'll work for everything but I don't see why it wouldn't...

Having said that I don't know if MCEdit will cope with blocks that are tracked with dmg states on the same ID....

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@bitfed & ag25: Just put the 1.3.2 version from the link in the first post in modpack.jar instead of minecraft.jar. (Both are in the same folder). In modpack.jar is forge itself. If you dump the mod in minecraft.jar, it will try to execute the mod before it loads forge. That is your problem right there. I just tested it with my private server and it works just fine. Had no problems at all while testing it.

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