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[3.1.2]Server Alpha Friendly[EU/FIN]][24/7][NoPVP][20 slots]Friendly basic survival! :)


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Hello technickpackers! :) I created this server due to the lack of good friendly basic survival servers, and I hope this will be a good one!

Server IP:

Open 24/7 on a dedicated linux server based in Finland

4GB dedicated ram for the game server, should be enough for max 20 :)


Server general rules:

- Any hacking or duping will result in a ban

- Stealing or briefing will result in a ban

- Keep the chat clean from spam and swearing to minimum

- Use common sense, this server should be fun for everyone! :)


Core plugins: Antihack & grief preventation


I hope to see you on the server! Keep in mind to have a friendly atmosphere, a positive mind and a fun time!


- Joel /paajii


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