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server crashing while usikng redpower's bundled cables


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    • By Nukious
      Hi, I'd like to know how I can change the terminal width and size via the ComputerCraft config for my Tekkit Classic server.
      I've tried changing terminal_width and terminal_height, but they only seem to work on singleplayer and if I edit them on the server's config, nobody is affected.
      Here is my config...
      #MLProperties: name (type:default) min:max -- information #MLProp : computerBlockID (int:207) #MLProp : diskDriveBlockID (int:208) #MLProp : diskItemID (int:4000) #MLProp : diskDriveGUIID (int:100) #MLProp : enableAPI_http (int:0) #MLProp : modem_range (int:64) #MLProp : modem_rangeDuringStorm (int:1) # #Fri Jul 22 00:59:10 CEST 2016 terminal_width=100 terminal_textColour_g=255 modem_rangeDuringStorm=16 computerBlockID=207 diskItemID=4000 diskDriveBlockID=208 enableAPI_http=1 terminal_textColour_b=0 checksum=440 terminal_textColour_r=0 modem_range=64 diskDriveGUIID=100 terminal_height=36 What do I do? As you can see I've set terminal_height and terminal_width to twice the default, however, only the HTTP API setting seems to actually change something in this config file.
      I'm quite stumped here, my singleplayer configuration has no effect on servers too!
      If possible, I'd like to make the default text colour green as well, to make the ComputerCraft terminals on my server look like the RedPower computers.
    • By 0x0
      So I recently started playing Tekkit 1.2.9g and was wondering if I should expect any future updates any time soon?
      It looks like the last update was over a year ago, and I couldn't find any official announcements or posts from the developers if they have stopped updating it.
      I'm asking primarily to see if the computer craft mod will be updated in a future patch.
    • By Tassyr
      So last time I checked out this pack it was just over a year ago. Before that I'd played for several months, then had to take a break. Originally, there was a bundled redstone wire and computercraft combo that worked. It worked great, in fact, and I designed a large amount of stuff around it. 
      When I resumed about a year ago, it was no longer working. I was told to wait a few months for an update that'd fix it and similar on this forum when I asked.
      Well guys, it's been a -year.- I realised I hadn't played in forever so I decided to give it a shot, and lo and behold! ... still no compatibility between computercraft and bundled redstone.
      Is there any way to get that sort of functionality back? Or has it just been flat out abandoned here? 
    • By MaRk124
    • By _Rep0man
      Hi, today when I went to go start my server, I noticed my console spamming me with an error, and I cannot connect to the server.
      I already googled this, searched it on minecraftforum, here on technicpack forums, and I found nothing. Please don't link me any other threads unless it directly will tell me a fix, because chances are, I've already seen any threads you will link me. Don't link me the common errors thread, I already tried, the link to the fix thread doesn't work anymore.