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So I found this cool mod, called Rocket Science, which uses Industrial Craft 2 as a base (which makes me think that it would work in Tekkit), which I find it would be a awesome addition to Tekkit 3.

The goal of the mod is to make rockets which can be used to carry arms or players, however, it seems that there isn't any SMP compability with it yet, but it seems like the author is prioritizing to fix that.

If any of the Tekkit authors find this thread, please follow the mod and contact the author to get permission to add it to Tekkit as soon as it is SMP compatible.

Thanks for your time, and I hope that I posted this in the right section. :P

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true, it does not have rocket travel

its radar system is actually much much more sophisticated and their are already anti-balistic missiles with which you can target and destroy incoming warheads. lasers for both anti missile and anti personnel purposes are on the list of things to be added.

it is true that the power system is far less sophisticated but it is being improved and their are other mods using the same api that look promising.

or alternetly, a great addition to an "eternal war" build

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