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Small Scale Recruitment Thread

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Im very good whit tekkie, and its getting really boring to play singelplayer. So im looking for someone who is good whit tekkit and i got a good internet connection so i can host a server. Im from Sweden but its okay if your from a different country. All I'm asking for is that you can speak good English.

Reply in this thread and i will contact you. And describe where you from and age:)

ps: im 15 and have skype

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I am looking for someone to play Tekkit with that is in the U.S.A and above the age of 12. Speaks english. and would be willing to teach me some stuff about Tekkit and how to use it smarter. Please Reply to this.

P.S. I will need you to have a server, Im not quite finished setting up a server of my own(I can't find a way to make sure my ip is safe to give out.) So I hope we can play together. All I need is 1(or the exception of 2) people to teach me and Build with me together.


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- Number of people desired small under like 8

- Active time zone and times in central us Usually on from 10pm to 1am

- Activity level (hours/day or week usually active) 2 hours day

- Any inactive mods/items you may have none

24 years old have skype, i have played with tekkit for awhile now

also can host if really needed to

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Private Tekkit Server

- Looking for 1 Person

- US Central Time

- Active Daily Server is always up

I have only been playing for a month but have been building some amazing stuff. I have all mods enabled and a list of plug-ins.

- dynmap ( Fully rendered )

- Essentials

- Lift

- MobArena

- Multiverse ( Main World is Peaceful / Creative and I have a separate world for PVP /Hard Survival )

- Stargate

- Treeassist

- world border ( world set to 5000 )

- Worldedit

- Worldguard

- Minebackup

I am very good at worldedit and computercraft and have built skyscrapers, Huge Plants, and homes and know how to import schematics. I need someone just as creative with ocd to give me a hand at to fill my world with amazing cities and factories.

I will only whitelist and nothing is disabled so I am very picky as to who I allow which until now has been just myself and two friends. I am 32 and mature looking for around the same or at least the mature part.

Server is an i5 2500k, 16gb ram, ssd, and backup to 1tb every hour. I also have team speak running for chat.

Email me with some info and maybe even some pics of your builds and I hope to see you on.

Here is the level of building I am looking for a hand with.



Hey, I would like to play with you. I consider myself a good builder and I am experienced with all the mods in the Tekkit Pack. Your server sounds delightful and it sounds good to play on with another person.

Please consider me. Thanks.

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Hey everyone, I've only been playing Minecraft and Tekkit for a few months each so far and am still learning.

Looking for a few people to play with and learn with. I'm mostly active around 5-11AM US Central time since I work a graveyard shift.

I'm currently playing with my own multiplayer Tekkit server hosted through my own i7 computer with 16gb ram.

If anyone is interested please let me know, alternatively you can shoot me an email at [email protected]

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Im a young minecraft/tekkit player that is getting bored of making factories in singleplayer. I want around 1-5 other players to join me but I do not own a tekkit server so I will have to join yours. I play minecraft/tekkit maybe 1-3 hours a day and I live in Australia.Add me on steam: jordyn683 or PM me if you have a small server I may join.

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I have a server up currently running normal tekkit on the east coast.

I play daily. Looking for a few people who wanna play.

May be switching server hosts soon.

Skype: iannault1990

EDIT: I switched server hosts. The new server is tekkit and has 30 slots. Hit me up on skype! Theres plenty of room!

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Would be helpfull with someone to play with or just give me some advices, hit me up on my skype (ekengren93) or msn ([email protected]) asap. And we'll talk about.

19 years old from Sweden!

Do you have a server?

I'd love to play some tekkit some more, my friends barely play it, and if they do its for a short time.

I am the worst when making servers, i always do something to crash them

So if anyone has a server, we can play together!

Oh and preferably in Europe for the timezone. (I am in The Netherlands so that makes it GMT+1)

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Long time player here looking for a server with some seriously grand building ideas. Can program in LUA for ComputerCraft (working as a software developer), have a degree in electronic engineering and am very keen on logic systems (redpower, that's you!).

My passion is large scale machines or networks. I will build anything like this for your server, power grids, automatic farms (even replanting), train networks with destination routing, automatic matter to material factories (EU or EMC).

Anyone in need of this?

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Hey guys :) i search a player to play tekkit to play tekkit for a long time.

Im 17, live in germany, but speak english good. Im very creative

What i search

I search a player, who dont want to build only technic. I search a guy who want to build beautiful things.

16+ Years old

GOOD experienced with Tekkit

What you need

You need a headset

You also need Ts3 or Skype

Add me on skype: rabarbar09x3 or send me a pm!

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Hey guys!

I have a server up with normal Tekkit installed, only me a few friends play on it (im on most everyday)

Currently working a Dark Matter Factory/ Facility, May record progress not sure yet.

Just looking for a few more friend to play tekkit with basically :)

Send me a PM or Skype me "caseJacob" for the ip

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Hey everybody. We are a mom (40s) and kid (9) who love to play Tekkit together. We have started a 12-slot Tekkit server on which we would love to play with some other parents and kids who also want to play together (nicely). We were going to do a whole white-listed server entry, but really we'd be glad to just play with a few other people. We don't want to be "admins" and monitor constantly for griefing, we don't have time for that! At this point we only want to find one other parent-kid "team" to play with. Note: We do not have monsters turned on. We are bored with monsters. We are into IC2, RP2, BC2, EE2, ComputerCraft, etc etc. If you want to play with us, send me a PM on this forum and I'll respond. Please send your IGNs and ages in the note.

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Hey all. Looking for someone to play tekkit with (one to three people). I'm at GMT+1 but currently unemployed so it doesn't matter that much. I'm decent enough with tekkit though I'm useless at computercraft. Anything goes, but I don't like EE that much, at least not when it starts dominating play. I'm fine with no griefing allowed or griefing allowed, doesn't matter. I've got Skype/MSN/teamspeak and can start up a server.

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I'm Ruben, 15 years old, and very bored. I got little, if not no Tekkit knowledge but I'm a fast learner. I don't like kid that spam mic. :)

I'm looking for people to play Tekkit with because I'm very very bored and it looks fun. I'm an amature, I know almost nothing and I wanna learn. So if you want to play, add me on skype.

Only people with skype + mic, preferably 15+ and (some) Tekkit knowledge.

I can host if needed, but only Hamachi.

So if you wanna play, add my skype

Skype: rubsn1007

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Hey guys, i'm looking for a nice private server hosted between a few people. I am an expert on absolutely everything in Tekkit other than Computercraft, so if anyone would like me to join to help them out or just add me to liven up the server that's fine.

Please PM me if you would like me to join.

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