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Small Scale Recruitment Thread

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What's up, guys?

I have played tekkit for a while now, but survial or creative, there comes a point of time where I have no idea what to do next.

I'm looking for 2-4 players whom to build a fully self-functional tekkit city with.

I have a server running, area cleared for the city (50400 blocks) and Hamachi for connection.

There will be 25 different buildings in the city. I have made the detailed planning and there is also a miniature model of the city which will help us while building.

Example of a building: Supermarket. There will be shops of all kind (clothing, tools, etc) which will be supplied by automated crafting machines which will be supplied by a factory with sorting machines which will be supplied by quarrys, farms, etc. Most of the piping will be underground covering the whole area of the city. I think this will be a cool project. Who's with me? :)

Who am I looking for this team?

1 person with good know-how of computercraft

1 person with a good sense of architecture

1 person with good know-how of redpower

Myself, I will take on industrialcraft.


I must say it sounds like a great idea!

I have experience whit redpower and some experience with architecture, i am in for give it a try.

From Denmark, so the time here will be Gmt +1.

Good luck!

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me and a friend looking for about 2-3 people to come play, we are both moderately new to tekkit but have been playing MC for a year or so now

only requirements are skype+mic so we can talk

we both 16 and time here is Gmt-6

(server is port forwarded already, message me here if interested)

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Hello! Looking to join one of the smaller, less crowded Tekkit servers(4-6 people). I do not have a microphone to use, regrettably. I go by CST timezone and am usually on Tekkit(weekends) 1pm to 4am, (weekdays) 5pm to 3am. I get on daily, unless otherwise restricted.

I have a good bit of experience with RedPower; I absolutely love the mod. I'm also quite experienced with IC2, CC, and BC(I'm not great with CCSensors, I haven't played around with it). I don't really use EE that often, but in perspective it's a pretty straightforward mod, so I figure I'm skilled enough with it. I'm a decent builder, in my opinion, but I can't build extravagant things that really catch eye.

I do not enjoy blatant immaturity, but a funny joke is always welcome! I'm really laid back about things and don't get angry unless uncanny circumstances take place.

I run the newest version of Tekkit, and can't wait to have some fun!

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Im a very active tekkit player looking for a small scale server to play on. Ive been playing about 5-6 months now and Im tired of looking for public servers to play on where everything is just destroyed and horrible looking. My occupation is currently military and my hours that I will be unable to play are usually 5am-5pm Mon-Fri. Sometimes I have off time during the week to play during the hours posted that I will be at work. My tekkit knowledge isnt as large as others looking for servers, but Im more of a builder and when I cant figure out how to use something I just use wiki and single player to figure out how things work. You can PM me here or at [email protected]


Edit: 25/Male

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Looking for a Tekkit server so I can play with people. Somewhat new to tekkit only been at it for a week and a half. Hopefully looking to join a small server with no more than 8 people. I can play from 3pm-12am East Coast US Mon-Fri. More on the weekends. Thank you if you reply and willing to answer any questions before letting me in your server. IGN: Stunnin

Age 16, Gender Male

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I'm looking for a small,new 2-3 man server to join. I am fairly new to techic/tekkit, and I was wondering if some people could help me learn.

I'm active on weekends for several hours, and weekdays for a few. I'm mainly an afternoon person, And I'm Eastern standard time.

Edit: also, if possible, If someone on the server could help with CC too, it would help.

Edit 2: PM me if you can join. I will need a host.

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Looking for People to play Tekkit with on my server. Going to use my single player world which is a day old. Only want 2-3 people in it so it does not lag badly. East Coast U.S.

Not much experience with Tekkit but been playing Vanilla for almost a year.

Server will be up almost 24/7 and There will be no spawning items so everything will be legit

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I think i'v posted this in the correct section - Sorry if not

I'm looking for a partner to start a world with - I love this game however I lack the creative desire to continue playing by myself. If i had somebody to plan and create with i don't think I could put this game down!

I'm a pretty experienced Minecraft player, however I only know the basics of Tekkit (Mainly learnt from Yogscast videos)

I'm looking for a long term project that we can just expand on. I work full time 9-5 however today (Monday) I am off so I want a massive session today to kick start things and then play time permitting from there.

Message me if interested


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I am planning on getting a Tekkit server but I only want experienced players who are good at tekkit and are friendly. I would like to get 10-20 players before I buy the server. Fill out this app and email it to me at [email protected]

Application: (to remove the less experienced players or griefers)


In game name:

Skype Username (I would like you to have skype but if not just put N/A):


Time Zone:

Are you interested in recording or making LPs?:

Any Minecraft/Tekkit creations? (pictures, videos, map links):


What should the server be named?:

Anything I should know?:

Once I get 10-20 players I approve then I will buy the server and email the players I approved with the IP.

P.S. the server will be 24/7

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hello my name is Daniel982 and me and my Brothet have a tekkit server and we get bored playing by our selfs, if you would like to join then there are some rules no greifing or nukeing the server is just for fun but if you do break the rules then you will get insterband. if you would like to join plz send me a meassege to [email protected]. THX

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Hello everyone, we are looking for 1-2 players at this stage to join our Australia based Tekkit server. We are very relaxed and would appreciate someone similar. All three of us are male and in our 20s.

If you are interested in joining our server please PM me and we can have a quick chat and get you on board.

We would appreciate no nuking of the server and no griefing (remember what goes around comes around 10 fold)

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