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[1.1.1]✪ToastyNetworks✪[Survival][GriefPrevention][Close to zero banned items!][Patched Items]✪play.toastynetworks.net


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After playing this server for an hour I've decided it's one of the best I've seen in a long time, little to no lag (depending on the circumstances), when lag appears it is barely noticeable and the admins aim to fix it quickly. The community is friendly and helpful, aiding new comers with information when required and using their knowledge to inform everyone on the server. The voting system works efficiently, giving a reasonable amount of currency for the shop prices and the beginning items, although could be classed as 'over helping' with the energy condenser chest, help those new to the server to advance at a faster pace than normal, making the gameplay less of a drag. I have yet to meet an admin but in my short time playing I did not expect to see one straight the way. I would recommend this server if you wish to join a welcoming community and a server with very few banned items, the admins and owner of this server seem to strive to improve the gameplay more than anything else. Kudos to them for not being money starved individuals. Thumbs up from me!

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