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This server is GREAT. There is very minimal lag, not very many banned items and the players are very helpful on the server. My ign is CrazyCrafterRyan is anyone ever sees me on the server say hi.

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Really great server, I have been playing on it, on and off for the last couple of days and its been really fun. A bit of lag here and there but im sure they are working on it, other than that its a great server that i recommend at least trying it out before just looking past it.  

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ToastCraft, What to say? Well i have sooo much to say about how amazing it is i don't know where to start. I have been playing on the server for about 2 days and a half and its been amazing! The staff are very friendly and help as much as possible and the community is great. This server has been the  best server i have played so far during my time plying Tekkit. So come and join us Toasters and enjoy your time!


Thank you :)

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Best Server i've ever played!! No Lag, Almost all items, great staff!! If you don't play in this server you are not playing.

I strongly recomend everyone to play in this server

I hope this team create a tekkit classic server too :3


Nothing can be better than modded server without lag

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Insanely great server, the staff are all great people who care about their player base and enjoy interacting with people. Nights are loads of fun as the players on the server are all a bunch of nuts, meaning we'll occasionally have a trivia night or just talk about the weirdest of things. 

The server itself lags occasionally (when it does it is very minor), but considering its constant 20 player activity + all the crazy machinery in tekkit legends, that is great.

If you're looking for a friendly active server where you can chat with people and build crazy tekkit stuff, then this server is perfect for you.


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Awesome server, brilliant economy and friendly players. Never saw anything as good as this server! The staff on TC are best i've seen. Always willing to help players out so their experience is more enjoyable. Btw there is little to no lag on toast craft. Banned items are close to zero.


good server great staff not easy not hard nice players and good plugins

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      So downloaded the technic launcher in order to play some of what technic has to offer and I get stuck on the sign in! The sign in asks you to sign in with a Mojang account which cannot be created anymore as it automatically sends you to in order to make an account there. You Cannot use a to sign in so I'm kind of stuck on what to do, I already own minecraft on a account. Any help would be appreciated! How would I go about getting into the technic launcher?
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      I have added the crash report
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      I also have the problem that some blocks just do not have any/the right textures. This is really annoying but the mod seems still playeable with those texture bugs. But the crashing makes it impossible to play.
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      A fun, medieval themed PvE server featuring claims, custom content & plugins, no banned items, world anchors, kits, custom terrain, active staff, epic builds and much much more... ~
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      ABOUT US
      We are a sever for the players - everything we do is aimed at a more enjoyable, fun, fair experienced for our player. Our management staff have years of experience under their belts, and our moderation staff are trained and disciplined. Our team is always around to help you out and make your experience here the best that it can be. We are oriented around service and quality.
      We strive to be different - we aim to provide a unique, original experience in Tekkit Legends, and put an immense amount of effort into our server, that many other networks are unwilling to do. Everything must be of as high a standard as possible, and we'll always do our best to achieve quality results. Our sever is constantly being updated to ensure we are up to date with the modern community, and to ensure we are always bringing you fresh, new content.
      We prioritise integrity - You may have seen many servers in your time, that use fake accounts to boost their numbers, use proxies to vote for themselves, lie about their specs and their community, and only care about their donors... Spearhead will never do this to our community, because we aim for absolute integrity and value an honest experience for our players. 
      Plugins: Many different quality and custom plugins that disable dupes, bugs, cheats and issues, and give the server an active economy, timed ranks, fun things to do, multiple worlds and much more. For security reasons we do not publicise a precise list of plugins.
      Server Rules: The server does not allow hacking, cheating or unfair play of any kind. The chat, while controlled is fairly chill, we just ask you to keep it PG. A list of rules is available on our Website, Discord, Server or just ask any staff member.
      Server Uptime: 24/7!
      Not convinced? Here's a few reasons that our server stands above the rest....
      The server is managed by staff with years of experience on modded servers It's Developed and Built by experts Our mod/admin staff are highly trained and disciplined Custom plugins have been developed to keep the bugs away Advanced security systems are in place to prevent cheating/griefing We allow claims to protect your builds, but have provided an arena in which to fight if you want! Large, detailed, epic exclusive builds are present everywhere you look We feature massive areas of custom, unique terrain We do not cheat our numbers or lie about our sever's stats No banned items World anchors and other highly useful items are available Nice donor perks are available, but the server is not pay to win Timed ranks And many, many, more reasons... Questions? Feel free to join our discord server, to ask any questions or get any help from staff (or just to chat!).
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      Heya, I'm having an issue where none of the modpacks work. When I launch them they crash without an error message and it takes me back to technic launcher. I've tried allocating more RAM, updating graphic drivers and updating JAVA. Any ideas? Also going to attach the log from today.
      To clarify, vanilla Minecraft works fine from the official launcher but not from technic.