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TL:DR = Terrible

When you enter the server you get greeted with the spawn like on all servers. There will be signs with the basic commands,etc. Nothing special.

So you then you decide to start your home. Of course you just randomly teleport to the wild, and see if you like the atmosphere. Don't like where you got teleported? Just do the same command again since there's no time limit. Anyways, let's start chopping some wood so we can start building our home. Wait a second..It's not chopping. Where's the wood? Hmm..Maybe its just a minor lag spike, No big deal. 3-4 ATTEMPTS LATER..And it finally dropped.

The lag is terrible here. Its gonna get really annoying. Even with the bot that deletes the entities, It will still be very laggy. You would wonder if its coming from your part. But other servers are running 100x better. Fine, You decide to ignore it.

The community is of course the same that you will see on the big vanilla servers. Immature 12 year olds, Griefers,etc. There's no way to avoid it. And while going to the wild you will see a lot of half-cut trees and holes. Explosions are enabled. You can claim your home but you they give you 300 claim blocks to start of..

There are bigger and bolder servers out there.

 P.S The above, *cough* "reviews", are mostly good since they give you $30,000 in-game for making a "review".

Try it out for yourself


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Horrible server i hate it the only reason i did a good review before this was because they are bribing people to do so. This is the worst server i have ever been on, it has so much lag that people would spam it in the chat so they had to make it to where they wont even let people type lag in chat. Don't even get me started on the staff they are never on and when they are they are rude, unreasonable, and just straight up don't listen to anybody .Also an admin removed my whole base all because there was a little section of it that had a factory that spat out items (because buildcraft pipes are annoying) and it was apparently "causing all the lag on the server" (the lag was already horrible when i joined the server), he did the whole removing my base thing while i was trying to find lava to fix the item problem.  And that is why i hate Toastcraft the worst server i have ever created.

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