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This is a cool Dino tech modpack that is themed around the Jurassic World movie! Complete with a  official server that is already in the multiplayer section from when you download!

This modpack contains 78 mods (may change in updates!)

If you would like a list please come on and tell me and i will shortly publish a list after requests!

We are a very new modpack and we are still learning about how the Technic thing works! We have our own Discord server and all of our server staff are using that we also have a forum that people can fill out to apply for staff if needed! So please come on the server/discord and come and talk me and the other staff/owners will be happy to help! :D

Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/dinotech-modpack.757635

Modpack Name: FossilTech

We do recommend allocating more memory to your Technic to make the pack run smoother :D See: bit.ly/FossilMemory

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