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Basic Forestry Setup


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Hey everyone 8) ,

Today I decided to mess around a bit with forestry in creative mode. I tried to make a fully automated tree farm with pipes to keep the engines cooled down and a wheat farm to make humus automaticly as well. This turned in a pretty big setup and whilst it can still be improved in many ways for effeciency I decided to share it :). The one major problem in the design is a I can't come up with a way to automate dirt production which is necessary for making manure and humus which I need to keep my tree farm running. Also does the wheat farm collector machine which harvests crops place the collected seeds in the farm machine is they are adjacent or do I need pipes for that ? If anyone shows any sort of intrest into it, I might optimize it's effeciency and make blueprints.

Anyway pictures 8) :

Tree farm, at start:


Wheat farm setup, the harvesting device leads to two auto-crafting tables which make manure then humus.


Tree farm, at end(pipes cooling engines and connection to humus production.


Overall view of the installation:


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a) A peat farm creates dirt at the cost of sand.

B) A wheat farm is 15x15, but your bricks with torches remove some space. (have a look at http://forestry.sengir.net/wiki/uploads/Category/IllusWheat.jpg)

c) Seeds will be placed in an adjacent chest, or if pipes are present will be ejected from the top or bottom side. That's similar to the logger, which outputs the saplings from the top and thus should connect a pipe back to the arboretum (with a diamond pipe to filter the apples to the chest and the saplings to the arboretum).

What is that tile, that looks like a wooden version of the automatic treetap?

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A peat farm is the way to go for forestry machines; they are designed to be powered full time with low power.

If you create a peat farm you can then use peat engines to power all your forestry stuff, the fuel lasts ages, and when peat is harvested it creates dirt.

As an added bonus the peat engines produce ash which can be used to create fertilizer.

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Use a collector and condenser to make a dirt generator, that should automate it completely. For best results, use only one MK1 collector, to avoid overflow.

I find EE to be a cheat... So i'll use thaumcraft's condenser instead using a snowblock generating array.

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