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Is there a fix for WRCBE triangulator crashes yet?


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I really want to start using this amazing feature of WRCBE. Right now whenever someone logs out with a set triangulator in their inventory the whole server crashes. I'm not gonna bother posting a bug report because I've done so twice and everyone should know this by now. Is there any kind of fix or patch? I've had to disable triangulators (plus trackers and sniffers which are useless without the triangulator) but like I said, it's something I would love to play with.

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What are you talking about? Sniffers let you see what frequencies are free to use. And Trackers can be seen on the map.

...there's a map?

Oh fuck you're right. /me feels dumb. But still, triangulators are pretty useful and someone should hero up and fix it.

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What are you talking about? Sniffers let you see what frequencies are free to use. And Trackers can be seen on the map.

He's talking about the triangulator item, which is neither of those things. You set it to a frequency, and it points there like a compass.

This is necessary for finding a frequency's location in almost every situation. A map alone is useless, because if the transmission is more than a few hundred blocks or so from you, then they won't even show up on the map, and you have no idea where to go looking to make a new map. A triangulator will point the way even if the transmission is 8000 blocks away or something.

Also, other nitpicky details:

1) Sniffers do many other things. In addition to showing you private frequencies (which you should definitely turn off if you're a survival server by the way), they show you which frequencies are currently being broadcasted on, which frequencies were recently broadcasted on (within a couple seconds), and private sniffers allow you to check out your own private frequencies, if that feature is enabled.

2) Both maps and triangulators do not just show trackers. They show the direction or local location (respectively) of trackers, block transmitters, and handheld remotes.

tl;dr: There is no replacement for the functionality of triangulators, and this is a major bug that we really do need a fix for.

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He had suggested that trackers and sniffers were useless without triangulaters, and, as such, would simply disable them. Obviously the triangulator is not essential for the functionality of those items. What are you arguing about here?

i cant even understand what you are trying to say in your posts warpspeed. could you possibly rephrase it?

and yea triangulators are awesome i cant find a good fix for them besides banning them or preventing them from working.

You guys wanna go pay Chickenbones a little friendly visit? I worked for the KGB as an interrogator so I have a lot of fun stories to tell over tea...

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