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Transmission/Power line mod


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This mod would allow you to place ceramic insulators which will visibly attach to solid surfaces, fences, red power microblocks, and railcraft posts.

With an adequate stack of wire in inventory, a user would right click one insulator, then go to the next one and right click again to link the two.

There would be a maximum distance between insulators (16 to 32 blocks or so, depending on the type).

When linked, the insulators will have a curved lined drawn between them in the color of the wire used, similar to that of the fishing pole, and will appear as a much more aesthetically pleasing power line when set up properly.

-Power transmitted by this method would have a much lower loss of EU over distance.

-Cables that are used this way cannot be insulated and will harm players who come near the line.

-Cables can be directly retrieved by using cutters on one of the insulators (make sure the power is off!)

-Low, medium, high, and extreme voltages would have different sized insulators.

-High voltage lines would have a wider damage radius, and thus transmission lines would need to be higher up to be safe.

Ceramic insulators and transmission lines:


And here is a terrible picture of what it would look line in the game... note my inability to draw ceramic insulators after 50 tries:


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Teleporting batteries around seems to be the method of choice for long-distance power at the moment.

It's hard to resist a battery transport system when you have these ridiculous zero-penalty things in place like teleport pipes and ender chests.

They may have a fairly high upfront cost, but it literally makes fiber cables and EV step-up/step-down power stations entirely pointless.

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I was going to come into this topic & yell at you but you actually made a very cool point. If these cables had no power loss but had to be above ground that would add for a very interesting aspect indeed.

Lol. Cables with no power loss and yet my EMC pipes are overpowered... Sorry, just kidding. X3

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