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Tekkit Legends server lag (world doTick)


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Hey there,

I don't use Tekkit Legends much but am curious about an issue with world - doTick causing very bad TPS (5-15 TPS). World is already generated so that shouldn't be an issue. CPU usage is under 15% and RAM is <70% used. IO is <5%.


Any suggestions to improve performance?

Edit: Appears to only happen on world saves.

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That bug is fixed with The problem was the Energynet required a Overhall to fix the average tickrate and all that stuff (which was done before but then there was a chunk/blockUpdate problem which forced chunks in a extreme laggy way (well it did not show up that laggy but if you have a lot of chunks with that loaded then it will lag) loaded. That is fixed with I suggest to update manually...

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