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[3.1.2] TekkitWarfare [PVP] [Mob Power][200 Slots] [Dedicated 24/7] [Factions][6Months Uptime!!]


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Ip: mc.tekkitwarfare.com

website: www.tekkitwarfare.com

vote once a day for Money! $5000



Post all mod apps on this thread!


[1] Grief

[2] No Spamming

[3] Use Common Sense

[4] PVP ON

[5] No tekkit or minecraft bug abuse

.: Banned items :.

  • RM Mourning Star
  • Hyperkinetic lens
  • catalytic lens
  • Zero Ring
  • Ring of Ignition
  • Ring of Arcana
  • Gem Armour
  • RM + DM Hammer
  • archangles smite
  • Black Hole Band
  • Void Ring
  • nova Catalyst
  • Mercurial eye


- Buycraft

- Essentials


- Factions

- mcbans

- votifier

- mcmmo

- mob bounty


This server is a non PVP server. you gain ranks by voting for money then buying them. Higher ranks get more benifits :)

32gb 3.4 ghz Octo Core processor w/1gbps connection line on a dedicated

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IGN: deejkdeejk

Position applied for: Moderator

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? I'm a very fair and level-headed person when it comes to conflict, and I don't let bias cloud my judgement. Other than that, I tend to be fairly talkative/helpful in chat and I know my way around Tekkit. I can be on often, as I'm on a school break atm :)

Age: 19

Location: AZ, U.S.

That's all I could think to put! The server looks good so far, great spawn :D

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Minecraft In-Game Name:LANNIE47

Skype:i dont use skype

How Much Have You Donated:0$ planning on donating about 20$


Hours Available:weekends all night and most of day weekdays after school between 5-9pm everyday

Why Do You Want To Be A Mod?:I want to be a mod because im good at handling annoyed and angry people i can answer most questions people ask and im on alot smiley.gif

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Minecraft In-Game Name:thomslester


How Much Have You Donated:200$ on main sever


Hours Available:almost all day depending how i feel

Why Do You Want To Be A Mod?:I want to be a mod because i think i am cheesy and i use to be mod on the main sever so u know if im good enough.

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Minecraft In-Game Name: TheHiddenBanana

Skype: dont have it but i will get it if you want me too

How Much Have You Donated: planning too soon

Age: 15

Hours Available: everyday really xDD

you should pick me becouse i play alot of this server and i vote everyday and im mod on other servers and i like to help people :D

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Hey Zenmender i would like to apply for staff as either a (Mod/Admin) i realize that its a big position to fill but Im a very good person to fill it. I have very good background as i have been admins and mods on other servers. I have been on when other admin or mod haven't and have seen alot of rule breaking such as pvp or massive chat spam. i would like to help by being one of few people that control a steady good server. I do plan on donating to at least coal if not more. Im very good at handling people's problems or helping them fix it. I have Skype and im on the server frequently. My in game username is crazycrit24. I would love to help around spawn such as helping set up a shop because alot of people ask for that. Also setting up a pvp arena so that people do have a option to "Show what they got" . Anyway im 15 and you can call me Chris if you'd like and i hope to be a bigger part of this server. Thanks for you time and ill see you on :) ...P.S im very good at Tekkit and know about tons of the mod and will be able to help people that way as well.

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IGN: Tsc490

Age: 14

Skype: Tsc490

What Am I Good At: I am all around familiar with tekkit. I can help people who have issues using certain tekkit items. I can also help people with griefs and other unhappy problems :( . I can build great server buildings like PVP Arenas, Spleefs, Events, and tournaments.

Time I can be on: WEEKDAY: About 2 to 3 hours WEEKEND: All day err day ;)

Why should you choose me: You should choose me because I am a very helpful person and know when to enforce rules and how.

Mod Experience: Owner 2 times, Admin 3 times, and Mod 1 time.

Banned Before: Banned for asking the owner if I could use his PermissionsEx file as a template for my server.

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Applying for moderator:

Name : Noah

Time: PST

i would like to be mod of this server because i was dedicated to the main haxircraft, (until i found out about tekkit) and am looking forward to the server being griefing like the original! I would still raid and grief and wouldnt abuse powers, but i think it would be nice to help out my favorite servers tekkit version.

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Minecraft In-Game Name:gbh1997


How Much Have You Donated: $0


Hours Available: 8 -10

Why Do You Want To Be A Mod?: I want to be mod because Im an admin on Haxirs main server and I just want to help out. Also, If you need any references about me, ask Haxir.
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Hours Available: 10

staff position looking for: Mod

reason for wanting to be mod: I love this server and play a lot i want to help the players but also have fun i will do anything i could also build warps ext thx.

Good Things About Me: I am very good with plugins and people

experience:I was owner of my own server once web hosted . i have had admin 3 times and mod 7 times and i have never lost them but all the servers shut down D:

Thx Mickvvt hope you look into having me as mod

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Mod Application

IGN: Ckrt1

Age: 15

Skype: Ckrt16

What am i Good at: Im pretty good at lots of things like i know how to run a server and a bunch of commands im also a good builder and dedicated

Time Schedule: Weekdays for a couple hours after 5 but on weekends pretty much always free

Why u should choose me: Because im a good guy and if you give me the chance i wont let you down

Experience: Admin on 1 small server mod on two other jail servers that both closed

No previous Bans

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