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[3.1.2] TekkitWarfare [PVP] [Mob Power][200 Slots] [Dedicated 24/7] [Factions][6Months Uptime!!]


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IGN: rose888

Age: 12 (I'm mature don't worry) but turning 13 in 2 months

Rank: I am a engineer (with the server update i think that it will be back to player for me though)

Have i ever been banned before: only once for 12 hours (i didn't know) for selling a tp (i haven't ever been banned before or after that though)

Have i donated: no but waiting for the server to update (most likely getting the "iron" rank)

Timezone/country America (West Coast time)

Why i want to be a mod: I want to be a mod because i HATE it when people grief and i want to help get rid of people like that. I am fair and mature. I am also very helpful. Also i HATE hackers and now that this is a pvp server they will come.

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