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[3.1.2] TekkitWarfare [PVP] [Mob Power][200 Slots] [Dedicated 24/7] [Factions][6Months Uptime!!]


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That's quite interesting zenmender. I'm looking at the automated PM that the system sent out, the same one you should still have in your PM inbox, and I don't see anything like "you did something bad or something so we infracted you with warning". The grammar is perfectly fine.

I know you want to be seen as the victim of low intelligence thugs abusing their power, but that frankly is not the case. You have broken a simple rule and were punished for it.

And I especially like little haxir's assertion of our immaturity directly after using "that's gay" as if it's a perfectly acceptable phrase to use in mature conversations.

Now, please explain to me why you should be allowed to bump your thread back to the front page regularly despite a lack of interest from anyone who is not you?

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Found in my email "This is like, almost worst than drowning children or something. So bad that we gave you an infraction point." Also have you not seen about EVERY other tekkit post? The owners post "Updates" does that not count as a bump? Bumping should be alloud once a day or if not than whats the point of a forum to advertise your server? Its not like i was bumping every 30 seconds.

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7 pages of "bump!" is not updating your server, it is spam.

If you see other threads bumping then please use the report button. Someone reporting you is what alerted me to your activities.

As for "should be allowed" (note the correct spelling please if you insist on trying to attack our language skills), why? Your server post generates so little interest that you had to artificially inflate its activity to keep it on the front page. You have decided your server deserves as much, if not more, front page time than new servers and ones that gets actual interest from other people.

Besides, do you have any clue what kind of scale you're dealing with here? Ignoring the over 3000 deleted threads, Open Servers has nearly 400 different servers advertised in it. If even 1/10th of those server owners followed your rules the first page would be constantly churning with threads getting bumped. Your thread would stay visible for, on average, 12 hours at most.

To compete, you (and 40 other owners) would start bumping faster because "The whole point of bumping is to keep visible but these others keep taking my front page spot!". Give it a week and you would have to bump every minute to stay in the front page, and new threads would have 0 chance of getting any views until they started doing the same.

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Some Larger Forums have added a Button to bump and bumps the thread without commenting once every 24 hours thus Destroying the thought of posting every 30 seconds. Its also not the popularity of a server that brings in post but the fact that i have a full website that no one would bother posting here. People also tend not to post unless they have a problem. More people with problems post than people without problems and my server is quite stable.

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Sorry for doulbe posting but while we'r at it

IGN: rose888

Skype: rose88821

Age: 12 (i'm 13 on april 28 so let's just round and say 13 also i'm mature)

Donated: $40 (not sure if that was reset cause of the server thing)but i think on the main server

Time: Saturdays but i might be able to do weekdays more since i'm getting a new computer(maybe i can't do weekdays cause my current computer can't handle tekkit)

Why: I want to be a mod cause i am very good at tekkit, patient, and enjoy helping people. I also really hate it when people spam and do annoying things so i would like to help clean that up too. Thanks!

P.S Technically i have been banned A LOT but that is because i got banned for running out of karma on a server (temp ban 1 day) i also got real banned once because i sold i tp (that was 12 hours too)

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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