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[3.1.2] TekkitWarfare [PVP] [Mob Power][200 Slots] [Dedicated 24/7] [Factions][6Months Uptime!!]


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Join my epic tekkit server!!!24/7 Epic Spawn pvp raiding lag free mob arenas hunger games and very nice staff. Join Now!!!!!!!

We are a new server with a good community and the people who give are server a chance love it but some people are unwilling

to try us out and give up. Ee is enabled and only 25 banned items and only 8 rules! We have lots of Fun on the server so join

now and tell jeters_belly andh he will give you red matter!

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Hey guys :D

Tekkitwarfare is an awesome server, with awesome players and friendly staff :) (I'm an admin ;)) Zen has worked hard to make the server a fun place to play on and more people should come to check it outttt ^^

<3 afro

PS- Con. I'll find it D:<<<< Kait shall win D:<! -hugs everyone-

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