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If you enjoy something you buy it. People like you deter developers because your attitude is horrible and you dont support the people or companies that give you the things you like. Minecraft to me is very basic without the Technic pack so we do what we can to show support to the makers of the mods and Mojang because without any support from players and users it would not be possible and these people would not have any motivation to continue. You are apart of the minority that is a hopeless individual that has no respect for the things they enjoy. Try going to a mechanic and asking to get your car fixed with the attitude "I need this but I am not paying, i have better things to spend my money on." They will simply ask you to get bent as we will.

If you enjoy this and you feel you have no responsibility to pay for it why should anyone make it easier for you when you are so disrespectful? Do you think without the community support that Minecraft would ever be this popular? This is apart of common sense which you dont have. I can easily read what you are trying to say I know this language you use I think its named STUPID. They dont care about fame who wants to be famous when there main users are teenage boys where there attention span is no less than 30 seconds? You make to many assumptions from no real material evidence you just come up with more idiotic replies because you have spat the dummy and cant play the Technic pack any more because you are cheap.

This is so much easier for any user and Kaker covered all the fantastic points of the launcher where all your bias statements derive from you being cheap ass. The Technic team do not profit they place there personal time and money to help so many individuals and they are still greeted with disrespectful people like yourself. You just expect things to happen because you ask? Could you imagine if everyone's query was added? get real grow up and show some respect.

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In the first place, I believe I sayed that im a cheap ass, you dont have to mention it 3 times in a row.

Secondly, in what language I said what I said wasnt stupidity. Read it again. I have a point.

Last but....you are right about everything you just said, and that I am dissapointed cuz I cant play the new technic, and I had to merge all my favorit mods by myself.

You just backed up my post, we are on the same opinion.

But honestly, how many things are there you didnt pay for? Now I bet not Im the only one who didnt buy minecraft yet.

And I wont despite how hard they try to force us to, making even technic to support Mojang.


this sentence is totally common on planet Earth.

"I need this but I am not paying, i have better things to spend my money on."

...also dont do assumptions about ones age,, I may be way older than even your mother

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no comment here...

explain this to me: Why is the new launcher only available for premium members?

eidit: yup, your right about the low state of cheapskate-life.

But think about this: in some countries, 19 dollars are worth a week or more food.

And nope, stop stating im a teeneger, im not, add 10 years to that. Im at medicinal university, but have no money cuz have to pay the rent, the food, the school, my parent is working 20/24 to keep me in school...so theres no way im paying for a game in this situation.

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Well the Launcher is available to anyone with an internet connection to be able to download the files. But Minecraft will require a premium account. All mods are free they are user created content but its an extension of Minecraft and without Minecraft the content is quite pointless.

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Indeed ;D

though theres a small issue. Not that I need it, really, I only need IC2 and BC, and a few others,, i managed to make them work.

But, as Im being honest right now,

with the so called-non-official minecraft you cant connect to the server to download the new technic.

Thats the point. So with the old install method, this wasnt a poblem.

This new launcher makes it look like technic pack was asked to to this new launcher, so it would require an minecraft account.

I still believe the awesome guys who thought this up making a technic pack, got some sort of opportunity... and who knows, maybe technic will be part of minecraft officially.

Cuz thechnic was the best thing ever happened to minecraft in my oppinion.


TO 343N:

And how would you do that if you cant acces the mods files you BATFUCKINGSHITHEAD? installation is not an issue, I dont even need it I managed to get my fav mods working, but im curios,,,,

maybe it will become official

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You know. somedude, I find it hard to believe that you are a college student when your grammar and spelling are worse than that of my 13 year old brother. And his spelling is quite atrocious.

As for your arguments, no, the Technic Team moved to the new launcher because they wanted things to be easier for both the user and the developer. Not because Mojang asked them to. I can, in fact, prove this because I know a Mojang employee who has a direct line to Notch himself.

As for your complaints about not being able to afford it, I do sympathize. It is quite difficult to find a job in the USA these days. However, I somehow managed to afford Minecraft while living off $300 a month and going to college full-time.

So, in short, you need to man the fuck up and stop acting like an entitled child.

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I dont care what one believes.

And not everyone is from USA.

Check my Ip if you dont believe me, but wait, I dont care if you believe me. And looking at ones grammar is the retarded thing to do.

In everydays life I speak 2 languages, romanian and hungarian. And none of them are simmilar to english.

SO the above poster, FUCK OFF with your 300 a month. Read some shit about the salaries in Eurpe before posting in the future

edit: ok, subiect closed then. Then I was right in my very first post about the RACISM REMOVED thing. Thats all I wanted to know

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Well, I assumed you were from the USA. My mistake.

I'd totally check your IP if I had admin powers, but I don't. In any case, that'd be an exercise in futility, because I really could not care less where you live.

Looking at the grammar and spelling in someone's post is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, as proper spelling and grammar indicate that the poster took the time to think through what he wrote rather than dashing off an incoherent jumble of verbiage.

Regardless of the fact that you speak Romanian and Hungarian, you can obviously understand my elevated vocabulary well enough to realize that I am insulting you quite deftly without ever resorting to foul language while casting aspersions upon your veracity. Thusly, I should expect you to reply with at least a sixth-grader's level of grammar and spelling, which means using proper capitalization and punctuation, placing apostrophes in their correct spots, and avoiding the use of chatspeak.

Furthermore, while Hungarian and Romanian are not similar to English, they are related to German. I have a German friend who far outclasses me in English vocabulary, and this friend has, presumably, only taken English as a foreign language class in school or has learnt the language via osmosis while frequenting public spaces such as these. Thus, I still expect you to meet my minimum standards, and until it is obvious that you are making an effort to do so, I shall continue to treat you like the imbecile you clearly are.

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Well obviously, I dont have the necesarry vocabulary to insult you without bad language. You attended school in english. I attended school in romanian and hungarian.

Also only Hungarian is related to German, Romanian is you can say, the reverse of hungarian, cuz the grammar is 90% like Italian.

You put the verbs the other way.

But I dont want to discuss this anymore. I got the answer I wanted from Dragonxy.

I didnt mean to be offensive after all, but I strike back when needed with my...."""""""""""""very limited vocabulary " it seems.

Lets see Dragondude, speak to me in the 2 languages I told yu Im perfect.

edit: yup, me too only in school, and via osmosis from forums and such.

But from you I could learn a lot. I like your post lol, your english seems exelent. But I hate american accent

Oh sorry, i forgot: regarding my chatspeak, your right it looks degrading, but after all, its the internet. You dont know me, I dont know you, and none of us cares about eachother, and out of lazyness, I dont bother pressing superflous buttons :D

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