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[1.5.2][Bukkit/SMP]XEliteZ Iron Pressure Plate mod


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The Iron PressurePlate mod

This is a mod made and developed by me. it adds a little iron pressure plate that only activates by players. it also adds a fully customizable Advanced pressure plate which can change texture and you can set what can activate it and which players.

customizable textures:


A compact gui:


Specify players:


New settings tab with passwords:


this all in the Iron pressure plate mod.

you can get more information and the mod by going to the official thread on the minecraftforums (here).

1.5 downloads are on the main thread.

1.2.5 Technic/Tekkit downloads:


IronPP[1.2.5][3.2.1].zip']Bukkit Server

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Any chance of a 1.2.5 version so I can put it in Technic? If one exists, I couldn't find it, so feel free to redirect me. :D

There was one for 1.2.5 but it wasn't really as extended as it is now. Anyways, I can always downgrade the mod to 1.2.5 but that'll cost me at least a week or something... I will do it!

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