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Technic Forum Memes/Inside Jokes


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I'd have banned you for a joke already, but I can't remember if we can unban people or not.

You can unban, atleast you could back in the old forums. Remember Bad Ass Cat? He was permabanned, then tempbanned. Now he's back.

If your unsure, try it on Okamikk!

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The new forum software is completely different from the old, moderators have a lot less power now :P

Oh my... if anyone knew.. you should hide that post, let nobody you dont trust see that!

Imagine how many trolls would take advantage of it!

Yes, the endless trolling possibilities are... quite magnetic...

I mean, it's not like I would take the opportunity to troll like never before... I would never do that.?

Oh, my troll senses are tingling!

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