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[1.1.1] Private Hamachi Server


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Hello everyone, i'm here to advertise my closed "beta" server, I will be choosing just a few guys/girls to play on it.
It's online almost everyday, with no lag, and uses hamachi.

When i fix all the stuff i will making the "Real" server and everybody will be able to join.

So if you want to enter the server put these informations below and I'll answer as quickly as possible

Time zone
Why you want to join?

If you are chosen I will be sending the hamachi network, the ip and port by private message.
Note: port changes every day.
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Time zone:+5:30(India)
Why you want to join?

I Used To play the technic pack(ya the oldschool one )so im pretty used to tekkit i came after a 2 year break and started ftb

btw just so u know tekkit egends is a recreation of the orignal technic pack

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Name: Hayden

IGN: HellsPheonix

Age: im 15

+1 hour (London)

I would like to join because i love tekkit and modpacks and i work really well with people, im a very good builder, designer and i know a lot about how all the tech works and can incorporate it into building to make every good. I am great at helping people out and would love to be on the server with you. My skype name is hyaden.poulter2 if you want to skype me.

Thanks, i hope to hear back. 


Ps. message me on skype as i will get it faster than i would on this as i dont check this very regularly lol 

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Name Simon

IGN: BKG_NightmareZ 

age: im 14

Time zone: CET


I would love to join because i am kinda done playing on big servers were i hardly know anyone i would really like to join a smaller server were everyone knows everyone so it is a little more personal :D i would love if i could join 



Sorry my message was a little late i will install hamatchi incase i can join :)


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Name: Kyle

IGN: Kyledere

Age: 17

Timezone: UTC-05:00 Easterntime

I always liked helping other and fixing problems weather if User problem, In game problem or Mod problems, I have has Admin experience before of several servers, I like playing with others and building with each other, also I like to learn from others and teach others. I always loved playing with Tekkit classic and and I like Legends too. I make friends quite easily, I'm a Nice and all round person, I don't curse much if that is a problem. Contact me on skype at: mr.mincrafter. I will also check here. Hope to see you soon :-)

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