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[Request] SMP Tomes


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Hello! I'd like to request that mod_Tomes (writeable books) and mod_Lectern (if available) be integrated into the next (or a future) release of Tekkit. It's already shown up in Technic SSP, and it's a good mod for leaving instructions and such for others.

Minecraft Forum Topic:


Requires: ModLoaderMP

Thanks for reading! Hopefully, it'll be an easy one to integrate. But if not, or if you've already tried, thanks anyway. :)

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I agree; I think it would be a lot of fun. I may try taking a look to see if it's something I could port into bukkit/spout, but if someone else does it first, all the better! Perhaps if I'm successful (or if someone else is), we might be able to convince the crew to put it in a future release! I don't really know what all goes into the approval process for adding mods to the Tekkit Client/Tekkit Server distros, though, so it's entirely possible that it may not be approved anyway. All we can do is conquer one mountain at a time though, right? :)

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