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Targeted by DDoS attack?

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I run a small tekkit server and I encountered something strange.

A few hours ago everything seemed to be running smooth and no one was doing anything out of the ordinary (that I know of); then suddenly the chat seizes up and no one can talk, short time later it starts booting everyone off.

I went to my console and it was stuck in place like when someone accidentally crashes the game, I tried restarting it multiple times but the chat log kept being unresponsive and it kicked us off several times.

Finally I stopped the server cold for a little while, waited, then brought it back. It seemed to work after that.

I asked around a few ppl that showed up after that and some of them said it seemed like something that occurs when your server is being attacked by a Distributed Denial of Service attack, or DDoS (lots of bot computers all try to queue up at once and clog up your traffic until the target server/site crashes)

Anyway I figured I'd ask, has anyone had their servers glitch this specific way? Is anyone familiar with the signs of a DDoS?

Thanks for any information,

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An easy answer will come once you answer: do you use your ip for the server and have you pissed anyone off? Any angry virgin can DDoS you, so if you have pissed one off that could be the case. If it uses your ip then it is incredibly easy for someone to DDoS. I run a small private server and haven't ever had something like that happen to me, so I don't believe it is a glitch.

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They are almost identical and it is very easy to go from DoS to DDoS, you just make bots on your computer.

The first D in DDOS is distributed. If you are doing it on your computer its just a regular DOS attack if you are doing it on more than one computer (in a different network) then it is a DDOS.

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Alright thanks for the information, I used to only give out my IP when I knew a members were going to join but the revised forum posting rules don't permit that anymore.

I guess next time it happens I'll just stop the server cold, wait for it to end, and then boot up the console a few minutes later. (restarting it only seems to prolong the pain and confuse everyone).

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