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I am looking for a server that is like the Yogscast server. I like server with no faction, no survival, no anarchy, no banned items, and whitelisted

The reason are:

  • I like private server with no much player
  • I don't like when people raid me base
  • I like to build personal stuff that i don't want people to mess around with
  • I like when there not much player because servers with a lot of players attend to ruin people's base like a idiot.
  • I hate it when stuff is banned because i need it to build my stuff

Please leave an IP in the comment.

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No, no, no and no.


RCfantasy, you need to find a server yourself. We do not allow people to be lazy and demand/beg others find them a server. The server owners have gone to the effort of creating their server advertisements, so it's not fair for you to tell them "TL;DR. Compete for my attention, I'm a special snowflake."

jumpandshootbeef, this definitely does not belong in the server section. That is just for server advertisements, not general chat or lazy begging like this.

Petey, do not indulge the lazy.

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