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[3.1.2]Harsh World![PvP][30 slots][Factions][No Quantun,RM, or Gem Chestplate][Spleef Arena]


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IP Address: (24/7 server)

New IP as of 9/20/2013


This is a Griefing/PVP server.

When I am not playing on my favorite server (The Big Trio) I am playing with people on my own server, I have disabled the two most powerful armor chest pieces in the game so that no player is too powerful (plus i am tired of hitting someone for 15 mins and do no damage at all). As a Starting Kit you will receive stone stone tools, basic armor and 50 blocks of Bedrock, use it wisely because you won't get more bedrock blocks until you can afford to buy more. This way you can hopefully have a section, and maybe eventually a big room or base that is pretty protected by using factions (this way I can leave Lasers on server :P ).

No energy collectors should make it more balanced game play.

Brand New World as of Nov 2012.

NOTE: World is set to Hard difficulty


- Do not Grief Spawn Area.

- Do not Kill on Spawn Area.

- Do not Abuse glitches.

- No Crude Language.

- Respect other player and be smart about playing Online.

- Do not act like a 5 year old...even if you are actually 5 years old.

Banned Items:

- Quantum Body Armor (can still Craft leggins, boots, and helmet)

- Infernal Armor (can still buy the rest of Gem Armor set)

- Nuke

- Any Type of Chunk Loaders (lag issues)

- Alchemical Tome (can bypass banned items)

- Teleport Pipes (map corruption issues)

- Void Ring (Teleport let's you in places you shouldn't be able to enter that easily)

- RM Armor (Chest Part-Donor Only Item)

Most of the following just cause of child like behavior by people

- Industrial TNT

- Destruction Catalyst

- Catalyst lens

- Evertide Amulet

- Volcanite Amulet

- Black Hole Band

- Ring of arcana

- Mining turtles

- Tunnel Bore

- Ring of ignition

- Watch of flowing time

- Soul Stone

- Life Stone

- Zero Ring

- Hyperkinetic Lens

- Gem of Eternal Density

- Nova Catalyst

- Nova Cataclysm

- Mercurial Eye














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I am trying to make a fair, more involved server, without collectors people still have to mine and protect their condensers, making factions more of a need as well as team play in order to be a force to recon with, I might re-enable energy collectors MKI's in the future but we shall see.

Also World has been rolled back (not players info) thanks to annoying spawn griefers...seriously the whole server is grief allowed except for spawn...can't go grief the rest the world?

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Is the server down? Id hate to see it go me and my pals have been joshin around on it for the past week and enjoy the server immensely we'd hate anything to happen to it it man.

I will restart it again, this is the reason I am switching servers. By tomorrow night I will move to a new IP address so watch out for that.

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ok rolled back the world but not the player info so your items and stuff should be the same, just that the world will go back to the same as the time we changed the IP address.

Ok it gave the same error when we tested with Russian, so i am downgrading to 3.1.2 to see if its one of the many 3.1.3 bugs. Please downgrade and try again

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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